Iowas of Oklahoma
Tribal Government

Mission of the Iowa Nation
"To Improve the economic and social quality of life
For our Tribal Members and the adjacent communities."

The Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma is an independent nation, complete with its own constitution, laws, and governing bodies. There are many aspects of the Tribal Government, all necessary to ensure the best for the Tribal Community.

The Iowa Tribe currently has an enrollment of over 490 persons, with a jurisidictional area covering all or parts of Payne, Oklahoma, Lincoln, and Logan counties. The administrative staff aids the elected Business Committee in operating efficiently and effectively over a wide range of responsibilities. The Iowa Tribe is the largest employer in the area with over 160 employees in many different departments, including the Administration, the Accounting Departments for the various Tribal Enterprises, and a tribally operated police and fire department. Listed below are some important administrative positions with contact information:


Business Committee


Linda Bigsoldier, CEO Tribal Enterprises
Human Services

Health Services