Iowas of Oklahoma
Bah Kho Je Housing Authority
The Bah-Kho-Je Housing Authority was formally established on November 8, 1988 by tribal resolution I-89-10. However, the tribal ordinance was not enacted by the governing body until June 1995 and approved by the Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) until December 1996. Until the passing of the Native American Housing and Self-Determinatinon Act (NAHASDA), housing issues were addressed by a neighboring tribe whose Housing Authority had jurisdiction according to HUD. NAHASDA helped the Iowa Tribe regain jurisidiction over their housing needs when the physical presence of the Housing Authority was created.

The housing authority’s goal is to provide housing opportunities and services to Indian families located in the jurisdictional boundaries of the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma and enrolled members who live outside the designated area. The mission is to eliminate overcrowded, unsafe and unsanitary conditions within the family dwelling and to provide the service at affordable levels. The main services include renovation of existing homes for health, safety and sanitary purposes, and rental units to assist natives and the elderly.

The staff of the Bah-Kho-Je Housing Authority invites you to stop by the office at the Iowa Tribe Complex (3 miles south of Perkins, OK on Hwy 177) in the Multi Purpose Building to inquire about future housing plans.  Native Americans are also encouraged to complete an application and get on the "waiting list" for future programs.


From Perkins
South on Hwy 177 - 3 miles
turn right on Complex Road (at Iowa Tribal Complex Sign)

Rental Application

Renovation Application

Storm Shelter Application



Interim Executive Director

Bah-Kho-Je Housing Specialist